designingWhen you are choosing an Accounting program, it is important that you are able to design the program to meet the unique needs of your company. No company is the same as another, and because of that no company will do their Accounting the same way as any other company.

We take that philosophy to heart. We offer 100% customization to meet your business needs. Since our program is built with open architecture, this allows us to make our app a perfect fit for your business.

Since our app is built without a lot of visual force, unlike many other accounting apps, we can bend our app to meet your business’ needs and specifications. When an application is built with a lot of Visual Force, there are walls and rules in the way of total customization.


Running a business is complicated enough, try to bend your business to fit your accounting should not be part of it. At Accounting Seed we strive to do business your way so you can be up and running quickly and efficiently.

photo credit: Pablo Zarate via photopin cc