There are several back office solutions available on the market.  Each offer their own unique features, functionality, and data management workflows.  Finding the best solution for your organization can often feel like a daunting task. Here are a five key product attributes to help make your evaluation process easier when selecting an accounting and order management solution.

1.  One Platform– How does the potential accounting solution interact with your company’s sales and marketing data? By having financial and CRM data managed in one platform, it will save you valuable time by not having to cross reference or duplicate transactional information from two separate systems.  Also, you can minimize the risk often associated with utilizing third party connectors that is necessary in order to get both the stand-alone accounting and CRM systems to speak to each other.

2.  Accessibility– Does the solution enable you to access, run reports or generate an invoice anytime and on any device?  There are instances which may dictate the need obtain information or view reports while out of the office and without your desktop computer at hand. Being able to perform daily back office tasks from your smartphone or tablet, using tools similar to Accounting Seed and its Lightning Ready interface and application for the Salesforce1™platform, is a useful asset to have while working remotely.  



3.  Comprehensive Knowledge Base– What training resources are available to enhance    efficiency with the new back office application? To better maximize user adoption and proficiency, your chosen system should offer a Knowledge Base portal or website.  This Knowledge Base should not only be complete with training tutorials and articles but also easily accessed both online and directly through the platform.



4.   User Success Community  Where can you go for technical support or obtain best practices? As you look to invest in a new back office solution, the vendor you choose should also be vested in your success with their application. In addition to having a Knowledge Base, a User Community and support forum should also be available.  This forum will serve as a valuable feedback tool for collaborating with other product users about best practices, share new feature ideas, as well as submit specific trouble shooting requests in real-time to the vendor’s product support team.   

5. Highly Customizable- Can other tools be integrated into the accounting and order management system?  Having the option to add to the existing functionality from an Application Marketplace of seamlessly integrated partner tools can help you customize and enhance according to your current and future business needs.



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