Whenever we need help with choosing the best product or service, we often look to experts and referrals for insight. This especially holds true when searching for the ideal SaaS solution for your company.
Cloud Mentor are experts in this domain.  They help businesses achieve the best SaaS results by delivering high-quality cloud-based technology and custom implementations. As
 both a certified Salesforce Consultant and full service partner of Accounting Seed, they mentor clients on how to maximize and meet both their front and back office goals using these applications.

Prior to partnering with Accounting Seed, one of the biggest frustrations many of their clients expressed, was the lack of real-time visibility to their business finances and analytics. Also, customers sought their expertise on a solution that would eliminate the disconnect they experienced between Sales, Operations and Accounting systems.

Cloud Mentor knew they could solve both their clients’ reporting needs and bring both their front and VK_Blog.pngback offices seamlessly together on the Salesforce platform by partnering with Accounting Seed. They also found Accounting Seed’s Open Architecture very easy to implement and customize per each client’s unique business processes.  “With Accounting Seed, our customers do not have to change their business for their accounting workflows.  We can easily customize and change their accounting to support their business,” said Vikram Kamra, Director of Technology at Cloud Mentor.  

Since leveraging with Accounting Seed as their go to back office solution, Cloud Mentor has seen tremendous sales growth.  Their sales have increased more than 100%!   Also, the time required to perform accounting integrations has substantially diminished, enabling Cloud Mentor to focus on what they do best—helping customers achieve their cloud visions. 

To learn more about Accounting Seed and to see how you can efficiently run your CRM and Accounting on a single platform, schedule a live demo today.