You have a whole store to manage. Let’s face it, you need an accounting system that will bring in automation and customize key features to make your job easier.

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Retail has a lot of moving parts, from staffing to inventory and ordering. It’s a lot to manage and it can be overwhelming. Accounting Seed uses automated reporting and other features to help you focus less on the ledgers and more on running the business. Our platform is highly customizable, ensuring that you can run and manage your business the way you want. All the essential financing processes your need are here in one convenient environment.

Key Features for Retail


Time Tracking

Manage your staff hours to monitor productivity and make the most of your talented employees.



Create automated payments, orders, and invoices so that you can spend more time making the big decision to propel your retail business to new heights!  

Inventory Management

Monitor your inventory to effectively reduce costs and ensure that you always have the essential materials you need.